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Our Projects

For over a decade, Hope Foundation has been actively involved in several major projects both in Cameroon and in Germany. Each one of its projects is undertaken with the intention of reaching its core mission: to alleviate poverty and educate people in order to engage and empower disadvantaged communities in Cameroon.

Global Education in Germany - Fair Champions

image Fair Champions is an educational project about Fair Trade in the textile and shoe production for school classes from 5th/6th & 7th/8th grade. ...read more

In Cameroon - Rising Education - The Primary School Project

image We are building a multi-purpose school in the city of Bertoua, located in the eastern region of Cameroon (Est). At the beginning of the project 2013 we worked together with 15 students of architecture of the Technische Universität Berlin. They designed the construction plan and supported us in the first and second building phase in Cameroon. ...read more

In Germany – Barefoot for Africa

image Berlin, 16 July 2011 – Hope Foundation teams up once again with one of Berlin’s most popular cultural beach bars, Yaam, near Ostbahnhof, on Saturday, 16 July, to hold its annual fundraising event, Barefoot for Africa. ...read more

Global Education in Germany - Bridging Cultures

image Bridging Cultures is a ‘Global Cultures Education Program’ with the main aim of promoting intercultural relationships and raising awareness among students in Berlin about developmental issues faced by under-developed countries. ...read more

Local Development and Civic Participation in Local and Indigenous Communities

image The main aim of this project is to empower the Mbororos and the Baka Pygmies minorities in east Cameroon by making them aware of their rights and duties, and enabling them to take full advantage of their inherent capabilities. ...read more

Water and Sanitation Project

image Hope Foundation is involved in water installation programs in some of the poorest parts of Cameroon. With the assistance of international volunteers, it builds, renovates and renews a number of water points around various provinces where there is a significant lack of a number of basic infrastructures. ...read more

Dental Hygiene Project

image Mouth hygiene and the importance of using a toothbrush properly is of utmost importance in all societies but in some local areas of Cameroon this concern is alarming. ...read more

In Cameroon - Computer Sensitization

image Hope Foundation’s Computer Sensitisation project collects donated computers from private and commercial donors and sends them to Cameroon where they are used to train adolescents, women and students in rural areas and schools. ...read more

In Cameroon - Scholarships and Grants

image Hope Foundation has been supporting a number of schools, orphanages and social centres since its inception. Our grant making and scholarship initiative serves as a main tool in motivating and enhancing the skills and work of many people and institutions in local Cameroonian societies. ...read more

In Cameroon - Christmas Appeal for Orphans

image In December each year, Hope Foundation supports children in orphanages and local areas by giving them gifts in the form of toys as well as school material, medication and clothing. A Christmas party, with singing, dancing, food and celebration accompanies the much-awaited gifts, bringing joy and a smile to each child’s face. ...read more

In Cameroon - Sport for Development

image Since 2003, sport has been officially recognized by the United Nations as a means of promoting education, health and the development of peace within society. Sport is a language that is understood worldwide and connects across ethnic and social boundaries. At the same time, sport promotes both the physical and social development of children. ...read more

Malaria Free Cameroon

image Malaria Free Cameroon is an initiative launched by Hope Foundation to save the local population from contracting malaria. ...read more

Shoe Aid Project

image The Shoe Aid project is a donation program where shoes are collected in well developed countries, transported to Africa and then freely distributed to children and families in Cameroon and neighbouring countries. ...read more