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Dental Hygiene Project

Mouth hygiene and the importance of using a toothbrush properly is of utmost importance in all societies but in some local areas of Cameroon this concern is alarming. The main problem is that most children in these remote parts of Cameroon have grown up never using a toothbrush. This has contributed to a number of mouth- and dental-related illnesses, whereby most of these children loose their teeth at a very young age due to a lack of basic hygiene education and sanitation material.

The shortage of professional dentistry in many regions results in irregular or non-existent check ups. In addition, the health insurance schemes in developing countries are generally poor, which also contributes to the low mouth and dental hygiene standards.

Together with a number of international volunteers, Hope Foundation regularly educates various groups of children on how important it is to have good mouth hygiene and maintain healthy teeth. Children not only receive exercises on how to brush their teeth properly but also on how they can prevent themselves from catching various mouth diseases and tooth infections.

Each child receives a complementary toothbrush, toothpaste, a drinking cup and most importantly animated instructions from the volunteer instructor on how to keep their mouths and teeth clean.

We call on donors and supporters to aid our project with the various materials, namely toothbrushes or toothpaste.For more inquires and information about this project, please contact us via email: info@hope-found.org or by directly calling on: 0049 30 29007192.

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