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In Cameroon - Sport for Development

Since 2003, sport has been officially recognized by the United Nations as a means of promoting education, health and the development of peace within society. Sport is a language that is understood worldwide and connects across ethnic and social boundaries. At the same time, sport promotes both the physical and social development of children.

Cameroon's society still faces a number of challenges. There is a particular need for action in areas such as health prevention, education, respect for human rights and gender equality.

With "Sport for Development", we want to use the potential of sport and provide sustainable local support to some parts of Cameroon. We support combating the aforementioned difficulties by organizing sporting events to raise awareness and provide information about social challenges.

In the past, we have organized different projects as part of "Sport for Development". One, the Football for Life project, uses football as a platform. We organize a mix of workshops and football tournaments in various cities in Cameroon. Here we use the reach of football to bring as many people together as possible. Each tournament and the associated workshops focus on a specific social challenge. The focus is determined individually for each city and the prevailing difficulties there.

In another project, Malaria Free Cameroon, we used running to focus on a specific issue. With the Malarathon, we specifically want to draw attention to the disease malaria. It is a run in different Cameroonian cities in which children, women and men of all ages can participate. The runners thus express the problem of the disease malaria.
When entering the stadium, all participants receive a mosquito net in addition to the medal. Spectators and participants will also receive information about malaria prevention and medication. 

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