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Oriane Pledran : Bali 2012

image Oriane Pledran : Bali 2012 ...read more

Rafael Lo (Austria): July-August 2011

image Summer projects always attract groups of volunteers from all over the world. ...read more

Maud R. (France) 02 to 31 July 2011

image Teaching children and reaching youths through informal and formal learning methods has been a successful way to assist children. ...read more

Summer Camp- OBALA: 02 July to 30 Aug 2011 , 7 volunteers

image ...read more

Annelen Fritz (Germany) 02.10.2010-17.01.2011

image After high school graduation, Annelen decided to travel to Cameroon to take on a volunteering experience before continuing to the university in the year after. Spending 3 months in Cameroon was an amazing experience for her where she didnot only teach children in schools, but had the chance to discover the way of life in Cameroon via the food, culture, language, religion and more... ...read more

Anja Straumann (Switzerland) 10.01.2011 - 15.02.2011

image Working with people with various disabilities has always been a challenging task for most social workers. This time, Anja S from Switzerland took over the challenge and spent an enriching time in Cameroon. ...read more

Katie Grammer (United Kingdom)26th Feb to 26th March 2011

image Katie Grammer (United Kingdom) March 2011 ...read more

Fabienne M (Switzerland) November 2010

image Fabienne who works as a public relations agent in Switzerland decided to take a break off work to travel to Cameroon to make a difference through volunteering. ...read more

Christine Lettl & Julia Pfalzer (Austria) 23rd August -20th September 2010

image Christine and Julia recently graduated from high school they both decided to use their summer holidays to travel to Cameroon to assist Hope Foundation with its projects as volunteers. ...read more

Stefan Brunner (Austria): Water Project / Waste Management (17.7 – 16.8.2010)

image Stefan Brunner is studying Environmental System Science at the Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria. ...read more

Dragos C. Costache and Vilcan A. Dan (Romania): Researchers / Social workers (Mar 30 - April 30 2010

image Dragos Costache and Vilcan Dan, two aspiring graduate political science students spent one month in Cameroon during which they researched into the plight of the Baka pygmies, a minority group in the country. One day after their arrival, they were in for a rough ride to a no-light, no-water and mosquito-infested locality known as Mindourou. ...read more

Emily POULTON (Canada): Social worker (September 08 2009 to February 25 2010

image While her mates were making their first steps as freshmen in University, Emily POULTON was taking a bolder and commendable step. She was leaving her native Canada at the age of 18 to spend 6 months working benevolently in Cameroon for the needy, as a Hope Foundation Volunteer. ...read more

Lukas Burkhard (Switzerland): Teacher at GOOD FOUNDATION PRIMARY SCHOOL DOUALA (Nov-Dec 09)

image Lukas Burkhard a Swiss national took time off his work in the financial sector of his country to travel to Cameroon and work as a Hope Foundation Volunteer. ...read more

Annkathrin (Germany) teaches German to secondary students in Douala (April 09)

image Apart from English and French which are the official languages used in Cameroon schools, other languages such as Spanish, Latin and German are taught in many schools to enable Cameroonian youths to enhance their talent in international languages. ...read more

Rosie Stuarts (Australia) promotes Education among children (February 2009)

image Rosie Stuarts when applying to volunteer with Hope Foundation was interested in a number of live changing projects but at the end she finally decided to dedicate her time and knowledge in serving children through education. ...read more

Andreas K (Austria) teaches German and Sensitises on HIV-AIDS to Youths (August 2008)

image Andreas Karner from Austria was this time around the volunteer to be hosted by Hope Foundation. He is a young man who has been involved in numerous social projects back in Austria and work as an educator while persuing his studies. ...read more