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Good news for all supporters of the Hope Foundation!

19. December 2017

Apply now for membership and become a member of the international Hope Foundation family!

Again and again we receive inquiries from dedicated people who want to support the Hope Foundation in the long term and sustainable. We can finally respond to that: From now on it is possible to apply for a sponsoring membership. How does this work? You apply here and we accept you as a sponsoring member of the Hope Foundation. We deduct a monthly membership fee from your account, and in return you will receive regular updates in the form of our newsletter.

In addition, we send special invitations to selected events to our supporting members. From a donation of 100 euros per month, we will also include you in our exclusive large donor program. Interested?

Supporting members make an outstanding contribution to our work, because a regular donation makes our work even easier to plan. With your money, you support our education and health projects in Cameroon / West Africa: the construction of the Education Center in Bertoua, the annual anti-malaria campaign and our work on HIV / AIDS. 

With our commitment, as a Hope Foundation, we make a vital contribution to the development of the region, to the well-being of the people and to the help for self-help. Our employees are professionals who know the local structures and local people well - and are known for their heart and mind in their cause.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the international Hope Foundation family today!

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