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Fair Champions Project 2017 successfully completed!

29. September 2017

During the course of the summer we once again, visited 6 elementary school classes to talk with the pupils about fair and unfair trade in clothing.

The main objective of the project was to bring the concept "fairtrade" closer to home for students. Time and again, we learned in the last years that little is known about it. To reach this goal, we focused on initiating debate about the subject. Together with the children and teachers, we reflected our own position in the world of production and commerce and questioned our own behavior: Where do I buy? What do I buy? Am I actually fair?

Even more so than in the last few years, our roll-play game was a great success. For many of the children, the dimension of the exploitation had not been clear before and we often heard: "this is completely unfair!". Many students, for the first time, fully understood the value of clothing and so we talked at length about what one can do, where and what one can buy to avoid supporting unfair working conditions.

We are very happy about the consistently positive feedback from pupils and teachers. Many parents were also impressed by this year's action day at the school festival of the Moabiter Grundschule. A big thank you to all involved!

We want to take this as an inspiration and not only continue the project next year, but expand it. Therefore, we welcome parents, teachers and students, who want to participate in the 2018 Fair Champions project, to contact us.

Here you can find a video about the Fair Champions project.

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