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Pack Action successfully completed - container on the way to Cameroon!

20. August 2017

For the second time in a row, we were able to send a container back to Cameroon.

On two weekends in July, a 40-foot container was loaded in a large packing operation. The process included selecting, sorting and packing shoes and other donations that have been collected from Germany and surrounding countries. Well over 4,000 pairs of shoes were collected and are currently on their way to Cameroon! 

With the friendly support of Behala GmbH, we were able to use an old warehouse in the Westhafen to work with 45 volunteers to fill this large container to the brim. 

With the shipping of the container, our Shoe Aid Project could do a big step forward. In Cameroon, the shoes are distributed for free of charge to orphanages, schools, sports clubs and cultural groups. For many, a pair of shoes can be life changing. Many still can go a lifetime without ever owning a pair of shoes, making it harder to perform daily activities like going to school, church, or work. Not only are these tasks more difficult, often times they can be dangerous as well, with injuries and infections constantly posing as risks. By distributing shoes, we enhance the daily lives of Cameroonians and improve their standard of living.

This year, we were able to completely fill the shipping container with donations. It was packed with shoes, clothes, and other donations both big and small that will benefit some of our other projects in addition to this one.  For our school in Bertoua over 160 chairs, tables, 15 blackboards and electronic devices such as laptops and PCs were sent. In addition, we were able to ship five safety locks and switches and sockets for the entire school through donations from the companies Carl Fuhr GmbH, Jung Elektronik GmbH and N & L Elektrotechnik GmbH. 

The container is expected to arrive in Cameroon on 8 September.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers for the great support and will keep everyone involved and we will keep you updated with reports concerning distribution of the donations as developments happen. 

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We are excited and look forward to receiving more donations in the future so we can continue this effort!

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