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Malaria Week Berlin 2022: a workout for the body and mind

03. May 2022

On April 24, Berlin greeted us with rays of sunshine, so that we could awake not only our muscles, but also mobilize the activist within us. Taking action against Malaria is the core of the Malarathon, an annual charity run organized by Hope Foundation (HF). This year was no exception, and so, Tempelhofer Feld enthusiastically received the participants, who were eager to run either 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers for a good cause. Also the little ones had the opportunity to take part in the event, in something specially design for them: the Bambini Run (500 meters).

Both races went smoothly and the good mood of the runners and team created a win-win atmosphere. However, the biggest win came at 5331.3 kilometers from Berlin: 100 mosquito nets were provided to mothers with young children and pregnant women in Cameroon. All this thanks to the donations carried out during the Malaria Week 2022 for the Malaria Free Cameroon Project.

In addition to the Malarathon, the Malaria Week 2022 was also celebrated by a digital panel discussion. On World Malaria Day on April 25 three international experts came together to share their knowledge and exchange perspectives under the topic of: "Can the malaria vaccine reduce cases and deaths? A global approach."

In the discussion, Prof Dr. Med. Dr. PH Timo Ulrichs started by speaking about how the new vaccine candidate works, highlighting its limitations and showing the requirements for its success. Next, Dr. Florence Awamu Ndonglack brought her expertise in tropical diseases to emphasized a broader view of the subject, not forgetting to mention that political willingness plays a big role. At last, Dr. Fabrice Fekam Boyom acknowledged that the population's reluctance to take vaccines would prove to be a major problem in defeating the disease.  

Throughout the panel, Jenny Mushegera graciously moderated the questions of the participants who, thirsty for more knowledge, wondered about the spread of Malariaand the impact of global warming in this regard, as well as the effectiveness of the new vaccine, since the parasite is able to adapt, and even the trust building issue that could be solved if the vaccine was African produced.

These two events, have made the Malaria Week 2022 a platform to raise awareness, collect donations and provide material for the Malaria Free Cameroon project.

Written by Carolina Rodrigues

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