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Bridging Cultures 2021: 3 trainers, 3 countries; all about the SDGs

12. October 2021
Two months ago our 11-year-old project "Bridging Cultures" started a new round. This year the trainers were Candela Villalonga Zalazar from Argentina and Norberto Filho from Brazil.

The project is implemented in the shape of a two-day workshop at Berlin high schools with the aim of promoting awareness of global interrelations among students.
The workshop is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were explained in more detail through diverse pedagogical tools such as a memory game. Also it is a starting point to compare and analyse, which are the development challenges the countries presented face. This year, a "Latin America Special" awaited the schools.
In the form of group and partner work, learning games such as Tabu or Kahoot and self-designed presentations, our trainers brought the culture of Brazil and Argentina closer to the students. Candela's focus was on "No Poverty" (SDG 1), "Gender Equality" (SDG 5) and "Decent work and Economic growth" (SDG 8) within Argentina. She talked about history, inflation and public debt in Argentina and how Argentineans deal with it. She also strived to open up the discussion in gender topics and find the causes and consequences that this leaves behind.

Norberto, on the other hand, talked about “Sustainable Consumption and Production” (SDG 12) and climate action measures (SDG 13) in Brazil. Specifically, he talked about illegal wood, soy and meat exports from the Amazon and the consequences for the climate and the indigenous population. Another topic Norberto worked on were the consequences of climate change using the example of hydropower plants (dams). 

Bridging Cultures motivated the students to take the perspective of people from Argentina and Brazil, to deal with the presented challenges and to design solutions on their own, which were presented and discussed in a final presentation. 

The motto this year is - Bridging Cultures: 3 trainers, 3 countries; all about the SDGs. Thus, there is still one speaker missing. In the end of October the second block will follow and Alejandra Moreno from Colombia and will complete the trio of speakers. 

We have another surprise for you this year!

"Spoons4Change" - a global cooking evening with the speakers and typical dishes from their home countries will be taking place on October 25th in Kreuzberg. 

Reach us if you want to be part of it!

Click here to register!

This Project was funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and Engagement Global with funds of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

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