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Virtual Malarathon 2021

24. February 2021
Why Malaria should concern all of us

 by Flora Fitzenreiter

Just in 2019, 229 million people became infected with Malaria. Each year there are approximately 400.000 deaths that can be connected to Malaria. Especially pregnant women and children are threatened to die from the illness. Two-thirds of all deaths are children under the age of five. Cameroon is one of eleven countries that this mostly affected by Malaria: three percent of all people who die from Malaria are from Cameroon.

To help reduce this number, we organize the annual Charity Run: ‘Malarathon’. Due to the corona pandemic, the run cannot be organized as in previous years. Nonetheless, we have since come up with an alternative. The ‘virtual Malarathon’ will enable every participant to engage in the fight against Malaria while doing something for their well-being.

The run will take place from April 25th until April 26th 2021, wherever one wants to run, walk or hike. The goal is to collect donations for our Malaria Free Cameroon project as well as to raise awareness for this curable illness. The project does not just inform about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Malaria but also facilitates medical aid and distributes mosquito nets free of charge.

To become a participant in our virtual run is extremely easy: sign up online, pay the participation fee, then you will get a starting number via mail/post and start running. You can use any running app or running watch for the timing and distance. After finishing the run, each participant will send a screenshot or picture to our mail or Instagram account and get a medal in exchange.

We are looking forward to your participation and help Cameroon in decreasing its yearly Malaria infection rate.

Find more pictures of our 'Malarathon' here!

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