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Hopes during corona time

16. December 2020
It is not something new to say that Covid-19 crisis brought new challenges for everyone. Families, friendships, relationships and even organizations had a 360-degree swivel changing our way of thinking, living and acting. 

At our office in Berlin, we got used to the idea that plans can switch easily from one day to another. Nonetheless, we also learned how to deal with unexpected situations and how to adapt our plans to the current unsteadiness situation.  

Even during these times, people still need our help. Complying with the necessary restrictions, our projects in Germany and Cameroon have to keep going. Our team has clung to motivation with your support, we have reached small goals that together, build our 2020. An achievement that, same as many of you, shows us how strong we could be even during difficult situations.  

Fair Champions, one of our best-known projects in Germany, continued after the first lockdown when schools were open again. We had to wear masks during the activities, but then we understood how it is not a barrier to open a conversation about fast fashion and fair trade. Actually, the situation encouraged us to start with the digitalization of some activities. For the first block, we created a digital memory game, and for the second block, our team worked in an interactive map on which the children and even adults can find Fair Trade interesting points in their neighborhoods.   

During the second lockdown, unfortunately, our office in Berlin had to close because one of our interns got covid-19. We all had to deal with home-office, but we were sure that it wouldn't stop us. Our team created the Christmas campaign where we began something special for Malaria Free Cameroon, Rising Education and Shoe Aid Project. Our team of Shoe Aid Project is selling our special HopeMasks and the revenues go directly to pay the transportation of the shoes to Cameroon. You can find these campaigns in a creative advent calendar presentation on our Instagram account.  
This 2020 was challenging, full of emotions and surprises. One fact is sure; it was not an easy year for anyone, we all had our own challenges, but this year also taught us a lot about what is really important in our lives, and how necessary is caring and empathy with others. Those are learnings that we will never forget. 

Last but not least, we want to encourage you to see the positive points of this year and be thankful for it. As an NGO, we will always appreciate your support and donations to continue with our social mission, and if it is the first time you hear about us, we invite you to inform yourself about how you can give us a hand in our "Support Us" section.

(Zuadi Pinto Toloza)

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