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RIBS: looking back and looking ahead

15. December 2020

Christmastime has just begun, 2020 comes to an end, and we all think back to a very special year.  

Rising Education Project will remember this year as the first full year of the Rising International Bilingual School (RIBS) in operation. After the fantastic opening of the school in late 2019, 2020 was a year full of learning and new experiences for the students, as well as for us, and we have a lot of unforgettable memories. 

We can look back on fruitful cooperation between the school's staff and the local community. We see it as one of the keys of RIBS’s success that teachers and parents come together and exchange their plans, ideas and expectations. Our efforts were rewarded with the new school year in this year's October: we could welcome more than a hundred new pupils- a number that excites us and shows us: we are on the right way. But due to our limited capacities, we also had to reject some children. 

We want to change this situation with our Christmas campaign #BricksWithLove and raise funds for the extension of the school. Our goal is to build and equip a new building, that will include six more classrooms and our own library. In the long run, we can add another floor, which will also have six classrooms and a computer-room. We already did the plans and as well finished the necessary foundations. Now we need your support to continue with the construction. This year has shown us, that many more children are waiting to come to our school. Together we can make it possible. We need 10.000 bricks to build the first six classrooms- and with every Euro donated for a brick, we come a step closer to our goal. 

Of course, despite all these achievements and lucky moments, the Covid-19 pandemic played an essential yet unpleasant role in 2020. Like everywhere in the world, everyday life in the school was influenced by the prevention measures against corona. Activities were cancelled and plans had to be postponed. 

Nevertheless, the pandemic showed us something: Even in times of crisis, we can achieve a lot if we work together. The pupils, for example, did a great job in following the preventive measures, they showed a tremendous sense of responsibility and gave us every reason to be proud. Moreover, we managed to establish and even to extend the school in such difficult times.  

We want to thank everyone who supported us in the past. Your support is priceless and remains essential! Continue helping us to build the next six classrooms and support our #BricksWithLove campaign. Stone by stone and step by step we are working on it: that is our big task for 2021 and even small donations make a difference. Help us to give children a room to follow their dreams- there are many of them waiting. Here!

We wish all of you a merry Christmas and stay healthy.

(Hauke Wemheuer)

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