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A successful start into another Schoolyear- despite Corona.

29. October 2020

School started a few weeks ago, and the first month of school is ending. We are happy to tell from new successes, despite the Covid-19 Pandemic and all the associated restrictions. For the first time ever, more than 100 students are attending the Rising International Bilingual School now! For us, this is an important step towards a school with 500 students.  

Moreover, we received enough donations to purchase 40 more benches for our classes. These benches display something general about our project: also, small steps, small gestures of support do make a difference. Benches, for example, aren’t expensive and are easy to obtain. At the same time, benches are crucial to providing a good atmosphere of learning. Even if our goals might look far away sometimes, those are the successes that push us forward, and that gives us strength every day.  

Also, we managed to finish the foundations and the buttresses for the new L-Block at the beginning of the new school year. The L-Block will be a two-level building for the new six classrooms. Until we are able to construct the second floor, the Buttresses will sustain a temporary roof. A lot of children want to attend the Rising International Bilingual School. Therefore, we don’t want to wait until the building is finished and can use it as a classroom meanwhile.  

At the Rising Training Center, after the graduation of the first IT-Course, new classes are starting. Apart from the IT classes, we are happy to provide language and management classes as well and to continue with this great project. We were able to launch this project during such a difficult time and to lead it to the first successes. This gives us a lot of strength and confidence for the future. Soon, once more people of Bertoua will graduate at the Training Center with a lot of new experiences. For us, it’s highly important to contribute to the equality of opportunities with our classes and to prevent any form of exclusion from education.  
As you see, the pandemic does not stop our projects. In Bertoua, we can take preventive measures against Covid-19, and yet to continue to work for our vision.

(Hauke Wemheuer)

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