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Rising International Bilingual School - RIBS” opened its doors!

18. November 2019

Dear supporters,

We are happy to announce that in September the first part of our school with the official name “Rising International Bilingual School - RIBS” finally opened its doors to children of the city of Bertoua!

The Rising Education School has now 45 pupils. The pupils are in two pre-school classes, one 1., 2. and 3. class. 
Now children have the chance to educate themselves in languages, science and history while adults got to be trained through various workshops about everyday life and health activities in the Rising Training Centre, Bertoua.

In September the Inspector for Basic Education Mr. Mandjou visited the school to have a tete a tete with the teachers and check how the school year started. 
The learning process is never an easy task. The teachers take it seriously in order to achieve the best results for our little students!

Our nursery kids had as well in September the first sports hours and worked together with our volunteers Timo and Miriam from Germany. When learning is combined with physical activity the kids got the chance to entertain themselves through cooperation and fair training!

These latest news show you a small overview how the pupils are learning and enjoying the new school building. More plans are yet to come!

For us it is incredibly pleasant to see the joy on the face of our first children who attend our school. They definitely motivate us to expanding our building with more classrooms, a library, a computer room and a hospital station. 

With your help everything is possible!


You help! They learn. We rise together!

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