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29. October 2018

Our Global Education Project Fair Champions was accomplished for the 5th consecutive year. This time we already visited 4 schools, interacted during our workshops with students from primary school and trained 105 Fair Champions.

How important is that clothes are produced fairly and environmentally friendly? How important is clothing to be branded and looks expensive? Are you aware of Fair Trade concept? These are some of the questions asked to the students at the beginning of each workshop in context of our project, which aims to raise awareness amongst school children in Berlin about fair fashion, fair payment, abolition of child labor and improved working conditions. The need for fairly produced fashion is high as world leading garment production companies are still not paying a fair price to their employees.  At the same time child labor remains a very important unresolved issue.

As a whole the students, engaged with great interest, learned about the concept of Fair Trade by participating in an interactive and entertaining workshop, which was enlightening both for them and for us. They had the opportunity to present among their classmates everything they had learned, to design and paint their own fair produced t-shirts. The students understood the message, while for some of them the experience was emotionally intense. 

But the journey is not over for them as the workshop consists of 2 blocks. At the second block the students will carry out their own research and will have to develop alternative actions regarding to fair shopping opportunities in their own neighborhood. Our aim is to involve the students strongly and to offer them a dynamic, creative and participate workshop, through which they will have the chance to create Fair Berlin maps. These maps are then distributed in the participating schools in order to present the topic and spread the message about Fair Trade.

If you are interested in seeing more about our Fair Champions project, please watch this video of our project or check out the pictures in our gallery.

The project was funded by Engagement Global with resources of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

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