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Schools join the Shoe Aid Project

01. November 2009

The response to our project in Austria has been nothing short of stunning!
We are pleasantly surprised by how the students and staff in a number of schools in Styria, where our project is currently being promoted, are keen and interested in contributing directly by donating shoes that they no longer wear. The teachers and administration have been so eager to make the Shoe Aid Project a success where they organized shoe donation drives within their individual schools.
Hundreds of pairs of shoes of all kinds were collected within a short period of time and this in turn sparked the goodwill of other students who also wanted to donate their unused shoes.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to these schools for their enthusiasm and interest in helping and improving the lives of various groups of people in Cameroon by donating their unwanted pairs of shoes.
We would like to call on other schools, colleges, institutes, and universities who would like to inspire their students to be global citizens in addressing development issues to organize a shoe collection drive on their campuses!
Once again, we would like to thank the following schools for their wonderful support:
Borg Dreierschutzengasse, HAK Deutschlandsberg, HAK Monsberger und BG & BRG Seebacher, Borg, BG& BRG Leibnitz: HAK, Borg Deutschlandsberg
Please contact us directly by phone or email of you have any questions or need advice about how to organize a shoe drive in your school or area.

Tel: 0049 1775067363

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