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Supporting locals through The Shoe Aid Project

11. Mrz 2009


The Shoe Aid Project is a shoe donation program initiated by Hope
Foundation where gently worn shoes are collected and freely
distributed to children and families in Cameroon. Our goal and aim
with this project is to meet the fundamental needs of thousands of
children and families in Cameroon by providing them with pairs of
shoes which will enable them to fulfill their daily activities.

Through this project we seek to improve living standards and to make
life easier by donating shoes to people in Africa who cannot afford a
pair of shoes. Without shoes many people in deprived areas of Cameroon
and in other African countries are unable to complete daily activities
and tasks, which in turn slow down development. Children cannot go to
school, parents find it difficult to go to work on farms, youths
cannot freely take part in various sporting activities, mothers and
women cannot go to church or to the market. The lack of shoes within
many families also comes with health-related consequences. Children
playing without shoes usually get themselves injured either by broken
glass or other sharp objects, usually resulting in dangerous bacterial
and fungal infections. Cameroon's extreme temperatures during the year
can make simple daily tasks unbearable without something as simple as

You can take action today by looking into your closet, finding an old
pair of clean shoes which you no longer need and donating them to this
project. If you really want to make a difference, organize a
collection drive in your area with friends, work colleagues or family.
Please mail your shoes to either of the following two addresses:

c/o Fonkenmun G.Bobga
Viktoria Luise Platz 12 A
10777 Berlin

Your old shoes are sure to bring a smile to their new owner and in
many cases will also raise their self esteem.

Any monetary donations are also greatly appreciated as those help in
financing the transportation logistics involved in shipping the shoes.

For more information, please visit: www.shoeaid.org

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