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Hope Foundation enhances its effort to fight Malaria in Cameroon!

15. Oktober 2008

Hope Foundation, which has as one of its key objective the fight against Malaria, has increasingly recognized the importance of controlling malaria among the most vulnerable groups in Cameroon. We have therefore initiated the Malaria-Free Cameroon Project-MFC which is an effort to run for the next three years so as to fight and eradicate malaria in malaria threatened zones of Cameroon.

General objectives

The MFC Project’s goal is to reduce the burden of malaria among poor especially those living in remote malaria-prone areas in the Littoral and East provinces of Cameroon, thereby helping to increase the average life expectancy of the population. Since more innovative and effective malaria control interventions are needed in these particular situations, the CFM project intends to pilot and document malaria control strategies that are specifically designed for people in the target area.

Specific objectives

The Project’s objectives are:
(1) To build capacity of the local malaria community centres to develop acceptable,
      affordable and effective strategies for malaria control for the people;
(2) To scale up malaria control efforts for these populations;
(3) To promote inter-community collaboration for malaria control.

Expected outputs

Expected outputs of the Project are as follows:
(1) The capacity of Hope Foundation staff, partners, medical health centres and volunteers to develop and implement malaria control strategies targeting vulnerable groups will strengthened.
(2) Malaria control interventions will be piloted and evaluated in the selected areas.
(3) Plans will be developed for scaling up malaria control interventions in other vulnerable groups outside the project area.
(4) Advocacy for improved malaria control in malaria-prone is increased.
(5) Operational research (both qualitative and quantitative) is strengthened. This is particularly important in the area of monitoring and evaluation.
(6) Possible benefits and constraints of regional collaboration for malaria control are evaluated to serve as a model for collaboration between other communicable disease control programmes and the health sector.
(7) Regional guidelines and/or strategies for improving malaria control in the Malaria-prone areas are developed and disseminated, and community collaboration for malaria control is promoted.

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