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Completed project of HIV-AIDS sensitisation to youths in Limbe

13. September 2008


This HIV-AIDS sensitization project which took one week had an outstanding result and impact. Hope Foundation which had as target for sensitization and education, the youths of the various ‘camp’ communities in the Limbe CDC regions during the big vacation period organized the project into two fold:
-Targeting young players and soccer fans through various football matches organized.
-Sensitizing and educating the big population as a whole by meeting various groups of various ages through house to house sensitization and meeting of community workers at their job side.

The main goal and objective of Hope Foundation was to use football to educate the population about HIV/AIDS, drug abuse,and other social ills. Youths were as well allowed to identify their skills in aspects of arts, sports, culture and music. This project undoubtedly pulled crowds of youths and adults as well especially women.

The main problem before the project was that there was lack of awareness by youths in these plantation camps on the existence, reality and high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and STDs that lead to infections and consequently high death rate amongst youths.

This project was a success thanks to the support of our international volunteer from Austria, Andreas Karner who donated 2000 condoms and some educative material to the organisation,UNAIDS Cameroon and African Synergy against AIDS and Suffering which also supported us with some t-shirts, posters, educative material and some condoms as well

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