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Jeannette W. of Berlin runs to raise funds against Malaria 2008

24. Mrz 2008

Hope Foundation has recently greatly appreciated the efforts of Miss Jeannette W. who have decided to raise funds to promote the fight against malaria by running for the Berlin Half Marathon.She last year ran for the 2007 edition of the race and this year again she shall participate of behalf of the organisation.

ImagesMalaria is the number one killer disease among children and pregnant women in Africa today. Each year, close to 1.5 to 2.7 million people in Africa die of malaria attack. Children and pregnant women are the most vulnerable. The Anopheles mosquitoes transmit malaria.
In the last 15 years, insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs) have proved to be the best means of controlling malaria at the household level. They reduce considerably child and maternal mortality in both endemic and epidemic areas. Recent studies in Africa have shown that providing these nets to the community can reduce child mortality by up to 40% annually.

ImageMiss Jeanette W is 24 years old student presently living in Berlin. She enjoys doing sports such as table tennis, running, and handball. At the beginning running for her was for some health and beauty reasons but later she developed more interest and today running is among her first hobbies.

She was recently captivated with the work of Hope Foundation in Cameroon and then came this wonderful idea to raise funds to support the Malaria Project by running the Berlin Half Marathon which covers up to 25km.

Funds raised from this wonderful initiative shall be used to buy more impregnated mosquito nets which shall be distributed free of charge to people highly faced with the problems of mosquitoes in some areas of Cameroon.

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