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General Information

Volunteering Overview

Hope Foundation annually organises a number of projects in Cameroon that welcome international volunteers from all over the world.
Volunteers can choose to spend short-term or long-term stays in Cameroon working on important local projects. The Cameroonians benefit from the vast range of contributions made and likewise the volunteers gain invaluable understandings of a different culture and lifestyle. Moreover, working and living together with other young people from around the world provides an excellent opportunity for new friendships to be forged, insights about a fascinating country to be learnt, and skills and experience to be gained.

We constantly need volunteers to help out with all aspects of our work. The success of our undertakings depends on the enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers. Your time, energy and talent can make a difference in areas where help is really needed. To apply to become a volunteer,
click here.


With both ongoing and summer programs, volunteers are expected to work between seven and eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Weekends are kept free for the volunteers to go sightseeing or spend their time as they please.
Summer short-term programs involve small groups of volunteers and take anywhere between one and four weeks to complete, while ongoing long-term programs can run anywhere from one month to a year. Volunteers are at liberty to indicate which projects they are interested in and for what duration. We are happy to accommodate any special requirements with regard to dates and types of programs. To see a full list of all the summer and and ongoing programs, please click here.

As the work is purely voluntary, no special skills, experience or knowledge are needed. The activities carried out are always aligned with each participantís physical and mental capabilities. It is a good opportunity for eager and curious volunteers to explore new avenues. Technical leaders are always present in each project to lead the work process and constantly monitor the situation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of volunteers.


The types of accommodation vary from one project to the next. The volunteers usually live in comfortable dormitories or stay with host families. Cooking, cleaning and domestic chores are carried out by the volunteers themselves during their stay whether they are living in dormitories or staying with host families.


The participating weekly rate for volunteer programs, whether short- or long-term, amounts to 100 euros. The fee covers:

  • Airport pick-up
  • Food (3 healthy meals a day) and accomodation
  • A donation towards the project undertaken
  • Administration and organisation
  • Each volunteer is responsible for covering his/her international travel costs to any Cameroon international airport
  • A Hope Foundation T-Shirt

Hope Foundation representatives collect the volunteers from the airport upon arrival in Cameroon. They are then provided with detailed information packs on their program, accommodation, location as well as on the country itself. It is recommended that volunteers also bring along some pocket money for the duration of their stay.

Application and Reservation

Potential volunteers are welcome to apply here.

By signing the application form, you accept our conditions. If you are younger than 18, either a parent or guardian is asked to sign on your behalf. Once we have received your application form, we will confirm your post and responsibilities. Detailed information about the camp (map(s), photos, helpful links) will be sent to applicants by email or by post upon registration.